tpo roof

TPO Roofing Repair & Installation in Everett and Mill Creek.

Whether you are considering a flat roof replacement or new construction, the durability and longevity of your roof depends not only on professional installation, but also on using high quality products suitable for your particular project.

At Masters Roofing, we offer Mill Creek and Everett area TPO roofing installation and repair, one of the most widely chosen flat roofing materials available today. TPO stands for “Thermoplastic PolyOlefin,” which is a polymer filler blend classified in the broad family of rubber roofing materials. It’s a relatively new roofing product, around for only about 10 years, but has become an increasingly popular roofing choice. Why? Basically, a flat TPO roof membrane offers several benefits in Everett and Mill Creek:

  • It’s Economical
  • It’s Attractive
  • It’s Durable
  • It’s is Relatively Easy to Install
  • It’s Energy Efficient.

It’s Economical: While TPO roofing offers many of the same benefits as PVC roofing (such as weldable seams and energy efficiency), because of the material that TPO is made out of, it is available at a lower cost. Therefore, it is perfect larger products where the amount of material needed can make the project cost-prohibitive, or for the customer who has budgetary concerns.

It’s Attractive: TPO roofing is one of the few flat roofing membranes that have different color options. Generally, our flat TPO membranes in Everett and Mill Creek are available in white, light grey and black, offering a color variety to fit different home and building styles. In fact, GAF, one of our trusted manufacturers, offers the industry’s largest selection of color TPO membranes!

It’s Durable: Because of their general composition, TPO membranes are resistant to mold and other such organisms, which is a huge plus, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Further, the material is resistant to tears and punctures. Given its flexible nature, the membranes have some give to them and will move with the structure and can withstands thermal expansion/contraction as well as general settling that occurs with new construction.

Ease of Installation: Because of the flexible, lightweight nature of our flat TPO membranes in Everett and Mill Creek, it is relatively easy to install. This helps keep the time and cost of installation down, and that translates to savings for our customers!

Energy Efficient: Due to its reflective qualities, white coated TPO roofing is considered to be highly energy efficient. The white surface deflects the suns rays so that in the summer, the interior of the structure stays cooler; in the winter, the insulating membranes help to keep the building’s heat from escaping. In fact, both of our manufacturers, GAF and Versico, offer TPO products that are Energy Star Qualified and CRRC rated.

It should be mentioned that, since TPO is a relatively new product in the industry, it is still evolving. Because of this, it has gotten some bad publicity, and has been criticized for having a tendency shrink and pull away from the seams and curbs. Some claim that the product, while inexpensive, is just not durable. The fact is, some of those complaints may be justified, but it really depends on the manufacturer of the product. Basically, TPO is made up of a combination of a polymer/filler blend. While a single-ply membrane, it is composed primarily of three layers, namely:

  • Polymer base
  • Polyester reinforced fabric center (scrim)
  • Thermoplastic PolyOlefin top coat.

The membrane contains various types of reinforcing fillers such as fiberglass, carbon fibers, talc, and wollastonite. Each manufacturer typically has their own formula, and some are simply better than others.

The two manufacturers from whom Masters Roofing obtains their Mill Creek and Everett TPO installation and repair products are both leaders in the flat roofing industry. Both GAF and Versico are pioneers in TPO technology, and have been so since the product first made its appearance on the market. They are making huge strides every day in perfecting this product and currently offer TPO membranes that are absolutely superior to any in the industry. For instance, Versico offers TPO that comes with OctaGuard XT Weathering technology. This product is specially designed to have increased weather resistance and greater long term energy efficiency and overall performance.

At Masters Roofing, we know that when we offer our customers TPO products manufactured by either GAF or Versico, we are providing them with the best quality, longest lasting TPO roofing available on the market today.

Still unsure as to what type of roof best suits your needs? The experts at Masters Roofing are here to help! Our team of courteous professionals will be glad to explain the differences between our products and help you decide which TPO roofing material is right for repair or installation on your home in Everett or Mill Creek . Feel free to call us today, or stop by our Mill Creek showroom. We look forward to serving you!