What kind of roof do you need?

There are many things that may influence your decision on picking a roof type. Where you live and what your situation is have major impacts on choosing your type of roof shingle installation in Everett and Mill Creek. Here are the items you need to consider:

What style is your home?

As obvious as this is, sometimes it just takes a reminder. Shingle design needs to be integrated into the overall look and feel of the house. Some shingle types work better than others. Before you decide on a shingle style OR even a shingle color you should consider hiring an architect or interior designer. Home style tends to shift by region and neighborhood. Roof shingles appropriate in Lynnwood where home styles tend to be salt box style may be different than the roof shingle styles for homes in Edmonds

where homes tend to be a combination of traditional and modern. Not only can Masters Roofing give you great ideas and plans for tile, asphalt, and metal shingle installation in Everett and Mill Creek, but they will be able to provide a phased upgrade plan to make the exterior of your home more gorgeous over time as maintenance is needed. Here are some tips:

Clay, concrete or terra cotta shingles – depending on the style you choose, these shingles go well with Spanish, Mediterranean, Greek Revival, Southwestern and Continental style homes. Basically these shingles work well with Old World style homes and southwestern Adobe style homes.

Metal standing seam panels – work extremely well complementing cabin and resort style homes with lots of exposed stone and wood: Mountain, Northwest, Ranch, Farmhouse, and Prarie. They are also extremely popular for modern and post modern architecture.

Composition roofs – run the gamut from budget installations to upscale installs. They go best with Craftsman, Country, Georgian, and Traditional homes.

Slate – works well on old world style homes such as Cape Cod, Colonial, Federal Colonial, Victorian and Tudor homes.

Shakes – work very well with Northwest, Traditional, Colonial, and Country homes.

What pitch is your roof? Not all shingles can hold up to a low pitch roof and still drain water properly while protecting against wind damage. Here are the minimum pitch recommendations by type:

Composition – 1:3 pitch
Slate – 1:2.7 pitch
Shake – 1:4 pitch
Metal – 1:24 pitch
Tile – 1:3.7 pitch

How sturdy are your rafters?

Shake shingles are one of the lightest materials. They do not require roof decking but rather use slat construction making it a very lightweight roof. Shakes weigh between 160 and 320 lbs per hundred square feet but can increase in weight when soaked, swelling to as much as 550 lbs per hundred square feet. Composition shingles are typically 200 to 450 lbs per hundred square feet. Slate tile weight depends on thickness but runs between 550 and 750 lbs per hundred square feet. Finally, clay tiles weigh between 900 and 1200 lbs per 100 square feet.

Before you decide on shingle installation materials in Everett and Mill Creek like metal, asphalt, or tile or consider what style shingles you want you should determine how strong your roof structure is and what it can bear. You may be restricted on the choices available.

How long will you be in your home?

Face it. There are (virtually) no home improvements that have a net positive return on investment when you go to sell a home. Because of this it is important to match your choice of roof type to roof life while still considering the look and fit of any shingle installation in Everett and Mill Creek . There is never anything wrong with picking a shingle because it looks great, but just remember that you are buying for personal satisfaction, not for value if you buy a roof that outlasts you.

Is your home subject to intense hail storms?

Wind and hail-related roofing damage is a national problem. –State Farm Insurance Any shingle can be damaged by hail at either the aesthetics level or the functional level but some shingles stand up better. If you live in a large hailstone prone area you should consider purchasing a Class 4 roof material which is available in asphalt composition shingles and metal panel roofing.

How shaded and moist is your property?

Any moist and shady property is going to have a problem with moss and algae in many areas of the country. Regular gentle cleaning and moss removal is often enough to keep things in order. However, in a high moisture situation that cannot be regularly cleaned, shake shingles will be prone to deterioration through fungal decay.

How much cash do you have on hand?

Sometimes return on your investment is not the only deciding factor on choosing a roof material. At times, cash flow and free cash have to drive the decision on shingle installation in Everett and Mill Creek. If you are in a situation where ready cash is short and you would rather pay less for a roof that will last less time, then you perhaps you would favor a simple 3-tab asphalt composition shingle. Highly effective and lowest in cost, these shingles look good and last up to 20 years.